The cone

The cone Try to speak about all this so that children understood you: This funnel represents you and me.

We will call her a symbol.

The part of a funnel below a cone will be our body.

The cone will designate our reason.

The reason consists of two parts conscious which is wellknown to people, and subconscious which is unknown to most of people.

These parts of reason make that we call consciousness.

The narrow strip of a film in the lower part of a cone of a funnel represents conscious part of our reason that part thanks to which we think.

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Yes, did not strike

Yes, did not strike In a detpriyemnik for a fault beat rubber bludgeons.

After that when returned, I could not force to think myself of lessons any more, brains as struck, Mischa remembered in many years.

Yes, did not strike at it memory, simply the world of sine and irregular verbs could not squeeze into the consciousness of the child filled with real pain and fear.

When guns roar, muses are silent.

And correctly do.

I tried to force to fall in love with it with the brother verses, and at them it was not simple for this base of safety.

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Therefore, on this

Therefore, on this Without any pressure from out of there is a real study, fitting of foreign shapes and images of action.

And all this without fear of direct criticism from parents and in general adults.

It is a natural Way, it is put in the nature of the human person as it is based on the basic qualities which are shown since the earliest childhood.

Therefore, on this Way it is possible to pass quickly enough.

MEETING AT WHICH THERE IS NO WISH TO SLEEP Eh, much I sizhivat at meetings.

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All of us get into

All of us get into All of us get into the bus, regretting that it arrived, we lean back on seats on which backs are awfully inconveniently located, and we wait for the beginning of day.

Estimates, teachers, statements for acceptance in college, reports, punishments after lessons, homeworks, tests, control, projects, GPAs, the three, monotony, stresses, pressure and infinity which meets us from an ambush from that first second as we leave the bus and we enter respectable corridors of educational institution, i.

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Are divorced

Are divorced Supporting the child under a mouse, you give him the chance to lift and remove hands forward and to raise the head.

Sitting at you on hands in such situation, he can look to you in the face, at any time take something hands and keep balance.

In fig.

it is shown how it is possible to carry the child of the house.

Mother holds it with a back to herself, feet of the kid are bent.

are divorced and developed outside.

Mother fixes his shoulders the forearms, without allowing the baby them to lower.

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